High-Dynamic Video Generation

Yan Zeng    Guoqiang Wei    Jiani Zheng    Jiaxin Zou    Yang Wei    Yuchen Zhang    Hang Li
ByteDance Research    Equal Contribution
The First 3-minute AI Generated Video
*Best viewed in the highest resolution and with the sound on
Basic Mode
*with text instruction and image instruction, generating more motion-rich videos even with out-of-domain inputs

Image Instruction

The bronze sculpture of couple are kissing and enbracing, rotate
The skull is burining, red fires, the skull exploding
The cyber metal tiger is roaring and walking, blue light, cyberpunk street, dark, light
An angry Godzilla is roaring and raising hands, big fire is burning and bombs are exploding in the background
Rotate, rotate around the golden rabbit model
Coloful powder exploding
Girl rotate head slowly, smiling, hair fluttering, leaves floating, slowly
The comic girl walking along the road, hair is futtering, petal floating and falling down
Blue flowers grow out from the skull slowly
Boy walking in the street, butterflies flying
The girl is smiling and winking, hair fluttering
A cute cat pirat is sufing on the sea, it raises its hands and dances on the board, the waves are surging
A happy panda is playing guitar and singing loudly, music symbols are slowly generated from the guitar and floating in the sky
The cat in a coat is slowly raising its hand to salute, salute
A kawaii squirrel is surfing and dancing on the board
Mini batman surfing on the sea, batman dancing on the boarrd, waves surging high
Two jedi cats are fighting with each other in the forest
The girl is laughing, hair fluttering, butterfly is flying
The comic girl dancing on the road, hair is futtering, petal floating and falling down, fireworks exploding in the remote
The girl is thinking, hair is fluttering, birds flying in the sky
The boat is floating on the sea, waves are surging
The cyber metal tiger is riding a motorcycle across the street, fast speed, cyberpunk street, dark, light
Batman and ironman are dancing
The battleship is firing, bombs exploding
Cyberpunk man riding a horsethrough the street, pink light, slowly
Magic Mode
*with text instruction, image instruction 1 and image instruction 2, generating intricate out-of-domain scenes and/or actions

Image Instructions

The ball is in fire and turns into a dragon in fire
Grass and flowers growing from the hair slowly, bees flying slowly
The skull in a hood slowly standing up from the water, very smooth transition, dark
A man rides on a huge fish, flying from the water into the sky, sunset
Half of the face turns into cyborg face, robot eye, titanium skull
Forest in fire, a ghost appears
A green ghost is slowly walking from the distance, on a halloween street, bats are flying in the sky
The head of woman become a tiger head, woman with a tiger head look at viewer, tiger fade out, changing into a cyperpunk tiger, blue light, slowly
Black humanoid raise hand slowly, blue lightening
From winter to spring, rotate, zoom in, smooth transition, wide range view
Zoom in, comic, slowly
Tiger becomes cyberpunk-style tiger
Girl in green jacket walks closer
The kawaii squirrel is surfing to the beach, slow and smooth transition,tropical, rainbow
Unicorn running, becoming oil painting style
A huge whale jumps out of water
*generated with instructions provided by our users
Robots are walking and searching through the rubble. science fiction.
An girl quitely look at the camera, smiling and winking.
A man is riding a horse. style of chinese painting.
A mechanical spider is crawling. science fiction.
An anime girl piloting a spaceship.
Machine is moving.
An anime girl is flying a plane.
A spaceship is slowly descending.
An anime girl piloting a spaceship.
A knight looks at the camera and smiles.
An girl in a woolly hat is smiling.
A man is riding a horse. style of chinese painting.
A beautiful woman with long golden hair is driving a red convertible sports car
A fiery humanoid monster with flames burning
A man and a woman performing a social dance
A man and a woman performing a social dance
A man wearing a cowboy outfit and a black hat kisses a woman with long golden hair wearing a red dress
The moon ascends in the background, bringing nightfall around an anime girl